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Help – I Lost My Job!

These are terrible times for sure! Every single day, I am hearing from students and alumni who are losing their jobs. Many economists have likened COVID job losses to the job losses Americans faced during the Great Depression.
First of all, I am always sorry to hear the news about someone losing their job. In many ways, it is similar to the death of a loved one. You should take a little time to mourn the loss. Be good to yourself and don't beat yourself up. Most of us though do not have the luxury to wallow in our sadness. So, take a little time, but then it is time to follow those old song lyrics-- " pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again". It is time to start moving forward again. I do not mean this as "dismissive positivity", but rather as the cold/hard truth that there are bills to be paid.
Be bold. This is no time to be shy. Let everyone know you are looking for a job. Be active on Linkedin and reach out to people for informational interviews and ask for help.
Dust off your resume and cover letter. Have a trusted friend, colleague, professor, or career professional review your materials. Don't expect anyone else to write your materials for you. That is cheating-- employers need to see your work product. They rightly conclude that if you don't spend the proper time on yourself-- you probably won't on the job either.
Explore job postings but don't rely solely on them. Online job boards estimate that only about 15-20 % of jobs are posted. That means the remaining 75-80% of jobs can be found through networking. Continue to explore openings until you have a solid job offer in hand.
Yes, it is going to be challenging! Anyone who knows me will tell you I never sugarcoat things. But, I want you to put all of your focus on finding one job and not try to take on the whole global economy. ONE JOB - GO GET IT! You will need to stay organized. Whatever way works for you, keep track of all of the jobs you've applied to + all of the people you contacted. Some people track using an Excel spreadsheet. Others, like me, just like to write everything down on a legal pad. Whichever method you choose, make sure to do it! I can't say how long it will take you to land a job, but the more work you put in, the better results you will find.On
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Margaret “Mag” Gottlieb is the Career Director at the Graduate School of Political Management at the George Washington University. Connect with Mag on LinkedIn at or contact via email:

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